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Saturday, May 7, 2011



Laughly Chicken feeds nowadays aren't identical because the original feed Chicken laugh, Used Spare Buis, in Bugis yourself lots of feed grain use dried, however town - the large city to seek out rice is extremely tough.

Why did the chicken laughing original space to be fed grain, grain feeding serves to alleviate the chicken itch on laughter itself.

Grain conjointly serves to wash the mucus within the throat cock laughing, creating identical grain feeding chicken necks mengkorok laughing.

The result thereforeunds additional typical chicken laughing so mangkin length and height, grain feeding yourself is how that's, before feeding grain to feed chicken soaked in water initial laugh one night, when soaked grain is sometimes empty a floating, empty grain is discarded. succeeding day when the water drained rice soaked overnight provided the feed for chicken laughing.

While food for laughter chicken chicks, sometimes using fine bran mixed with fine corn (groats), or the poor can purchase at stores that offer feed for the chickens.

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