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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Feather Meals


Chicken feathers are widely out there in places cuts of chicken, that exists in some urban areas. Chicken feathers that are out there rely upon the quantity of chickens slaughtered. every whole chicken items (± 1.5 kg slaughter weight) resulted in fur the maximum amount as 5-6% of slaughter weight. based mostly on these figures is calculated that chicken feathers is obtained per annum.

Feather has the potential to be used as various sources of feed protein substitute typical protein sources like soybean meal and fish meal. Besides potential as feed, the employment of feather meal as feed to scale back environmental pollution owing to disposal of chicken feathers that don't seem to be acceptable.

Feathers as poultry feed raw material is never utilized by the poultry feed mills, however has potential as a supply of animal protein and made in essential amino acids. Reached 86.5% crude protein and energy metabolism of 3047 kcal / kg.

Because the feathers have a weakness for bias digested properly, it have to be compelled to be hydrolyzed before it's used or cooking at heat with steam pressure of fifteen kg to twenty kg, for half-hour or cooked to the boiling purpose of a hundred thirty C. Then dried and milled swish.

The use of poultry feather meal, soybean meal, and milk powder, strongly supports the balance of protein and essential amino acids in poultry feed, however its use is comparatively little.

Origin of feed by-product usually need processing before it's given to considering the quantity of cattle owned by the constraints of the feed material. Flour chicken feathers (TBA) has misalya bond fibrous protein keratin that could be a kind that's tough to dissolve in water and tough to be digested by poultry. Processing techniques combined physical and chemical treatment. to scale back keratin, conducted a study that created that nitrogen retention price of feather meal that dioleh using enzymes from Cunninghamella spp. higher than nitrogen retention price of feather meal treated chemically or biologically.

The use of feather meal as a protein supply of livestock feed ingredients is one among the choices that deserve thought. From the results of biological testing, feather meal is used rather than part feed concentrate for ruminants composer. 

Substitution of the most parts of additional feed / concentrate responds well to the body weight gain and milk production. adequate response caused by a balance between an easy-degradable protein and escaped relegation.

In addition, feather meal will increase dry matter intake. this means that diets with poultry feather meal contains a high palatability. Increased protein intake in addition to increased body weight everyday life ..

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