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Saturday, May 7, 2011



As one of the endemic native Sidrap, South Sulawesi, chicken formerly called manu gaga will solely be owned by the nobles Bugis. Now, the chickens laugh may be collected from all strata of society.

It has a novel sound like human laughter, laughter rooster may be divided into 2 specifically voiced dangdut and slow. Chicken laughing with kind suaraslow crowed softly. Slow cock crowing sound lovers have standards to calculate the crowing cock knock this type, ie four, eight, or twelve per one-time crowing.

The cock crowing laugh with dangdut varieties have crowing that meeting. The additional melodious, the dearer worth. "Like a dangdut singer, additional flowing higher, dearer," said Muhammad Ilham, chicken seller in Jakarta laugh.

Chicken laugh will laugh when she was 2 months, and start to expertise puberty thus melodious not good. wonderful performance throughout the nine-month-old chickens. "At that point, her voice is nice heave," Ilham said.

Laugh chicken sold from USD 3 million to $ 60 million per fish. "The worth depends laugh, not physical," said Denawi Usman, Chairman of the Union of Conservation Chicken Lovers and Laughter Indonesia (P3AKI).

The price of chicken laugh additional and fly higher when a vintage sound, which might be laughing one to 2 minutes. Chickens belonging Denawi for instance, has offered a USD eighty million.

Just chicken laughing with antique sound actually won't win within the contest of chicken laughing. Therefore, chicken contest winner laugh live of 2 scoring systems. First, the assessment of 5 times the cock crowed with dangdut rhythm inside ten minutes. Second, the cock crowed at the sound gap, middle and finish. "If chicken antique positively lose as a result of an excessive amount of laughter," said Denawi.

Chicken laughing dangdut who won the competition may be sold for a minimum of USD 8 million. The chicken laughing thus slow that the competition winners may be sold up to USD fifteen million. additional high costs of chicken with chicken as a result of the sound slow slow-voiced laughter is incredibly rare within the market.

Denawi have thirty chickens from Sidrap laughing. each month, he sold his 20-something chicken laughing into numerous areas, like Medan and Pekanbaru. "Jakarta's most high," said Denawi. not like the expertise with Denawi, Ilham said chicken dangdut voiced laughter dearer than chicken slow laugh. "Buyers see the knock crowing cock. additional and additional beats, dearer," said Ilham who have twenty chickens laughing.

Most of the chickens sold his laughter dangdut Rp 1.5 million to Rp 5 million per head. Ilham got chicken laughter from his family who live in Sidrap. Currently, he will sell four chickens per month.

Sunarso, chicken traders laughing at the good Lenteng even be ready to sell fifty five animals, from January till early March. The strategy was to sell cheaper chicken laugh, that is Rp 25,000 to Rp 30,000 per chicken, aged 3 months and $ 1 million-USD $ 3 million that has been ready to laugh.

Business sale and buy of chicken laughing bloom in Jakarta since 2 years ago. "Until currently there are many that are longing for," said Sunarso. Denawi, Ilham, and Sunarso have a similar mission. they need chicken laugh, a native of Indonesia, might be a master in his own country. "Do not simply chicken serama Malaysia who loved, laughed chicken should be the pride of Indonesia," said Ilham.

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