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Wednesday, May 11, 2011



Forage food is all food ingredients derived from plants within the kind of leaves. together with this cluster is that the nation's forage grass (graminae), Leguminosae and foliage of alternative plants .. Forage as cattle food are often given in 2 forms, particularly leaf contemporary and dry forage.

Forage will grow if the supply of fertilizer. Fertilizer could be a material that gives nutrients to plants. Fertilizer is sometimes given on the bottom, however also can be given through the leaves and stems as an answer .. Fertilizers are often classified within the natural organic materials and chemicals (inorganic). Natural fertilizers like manure, fertilizer from plant remains, and others. Chemical fertilizers like ammonium nitrate and superphosphate were synthesized from organic minerals.

Fertilizer plant required to extend the nutrients within the soil there are varied types. based mostly on the producing method, varied sorts of fertilizers which will be classified into two: natural fertilizer and artificial fertilizers. the quantity and sort of nutrient parts in natural fertilizers are naturally. Artificial fertilizer could be a fertilizer derived from the results of artificial.

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